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UM2 stop moving after few hours printing

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Hi to all,

I recently experienced problem with UM2. It is just stop moving head after few hours of printing. According to sound steppers are under power (can't move by hand), and head just stop at one position and waiting (head is shutting temperature down after stop, what is great). There is no error and screen is showing current printing procedure.

I did not have problem with printing (except under-extrusion)for few months, but in last few days this happen three times on print jobs which last for many hours.

Also, what I noticed it happens also in last few days, that when I give print job it don't start printing (move head to start position and stop moving and waiting) and screen is showing printing procedure. I have to turn printer off and on and then it works again. It is all prepared with Cura.

Any similar problems? It is frustrating to wait 10 hours on 14hours print and it just stop in at one point.

Any suggestions are welcome :)



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morning Roberto ! :-)

Can I ask.. have you changed anything with the power going to the stepper motors ?

or is it still factory standard ?

When the printer is moving. how warm are the stepper motors getting ?

Have you tried installing the new firmware that comes with Cura 14.03 ? Maybe a fresh flush of firmware might work ?

Also have you checked that all your axis bars are really cleaned.. added a little maschine oil ? The reason I ask is because when they get stuck and dry, that can cause lots of problems with movement.. a good clean of all the axis and a little fresh squirt of oil always helps.

When you turn off the UM2, can you move the head around smoothly and easily ?

Ian :-)


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for quick replay.

I did not change anything on power or stepper motors. I only change original extruder with UM2 Extruder V2 by Geeks (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/extruder-um2-version-2). It improved under extrusion but not significant (still printing on 50mm/s). I can return original extruder, but it is strange becuase this is happen after hours of printing.

I install 14.03 and made firmware upgrade. I got problem before, and last night after upgrade also.

Bars are clean, I did note add machine oil, but they move without problem when it is turned off or steppers are without power. It is printing for 10 hours without problem.

Is it possible that electronics cause problem (but after 10 hours)? Is there any notice or error on screen in that case?

I just realize, that when I send new print this morning, after it stall at last print, new print would not start (I didn't turn off printer), it start printing procedure, and screen, but nothing is happened. It start this print only after I turn off/on printer (restart).

Anyone experienced same problem?



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I dont think you will see any error messages on the screen. It sound like there is something wrong with your electronics board ? because it is working for 10 hours and then something is getting to hot and then zap... game over...

Might be a good idea to open your electronics box carefully and have a look at the connections and see if there is anything loose. Also take a good photo of the board and connections. Also look carefully at the board for any sign of heat or burning...

Could be a good idea to send the photo and your report to Ultimaker support.. Maybe you need a new board ?



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Are you printing through USB? This is a known problem through the USB. This is not recommended and not officially supported. UM found that there were many many checksum errors and even though things seem fine it is resending the same command possibly hundreds of times until it gets through the noisy USB connection.

Some people can print through USB just fine. They have more powerful USB drivers or something. Simply moving cables a little bit can make a difference in the bottom of the UM. Sometimes buying a new USB cable helps or connecting it more solidly, or buying a USB hub to buffer the signal, or trying a laptop instead of a desktop, or the other way around.

But really you should be using the SD card to print.


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There were some early UM2 shipments where the two gray ribbon cables under the machine were too close together or something like that. The signals going from the SD card to the arduino were getting lots of errors from cross-talk noise. Maybe see if you can seperate those cables by a few mm (so they aren't touching).


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