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On 1/15/2018 at 10:26 PM, ultiarjan said:

Love it. Any tips to share on concrete molds and the production process?


I'm attaching few pics. You will find some answers to your question.


- I created a internal shell ( few parts that have been glue, screwed). This shell replaces the initial aesthetic cover of the machine.

- I have slightly reworked the chassis of the machine, mainly to accommodate the button on the side.

- Built up a support (wood) to strongly maintain the whole in place for the molding process

- assembled the mold, mainly using MDF wood (straight). The frontal face has been printed to give the rounded shape. Tape has been used to coat the various MDF and mold parts to ease the unmolding  phase. 

- created a cup support as well. You know devil is in the details :-)


PS: I do have a long list of improvement point that would be needed to implement to make improved samples. Fact is that, I LOVE creating one sample ( let's call it prototype), the first one. Then, "replicating" it is not that much my main driver.  I would love to share my work so that other can "steal like an artist" ( great book by the way) and make their own. Ill post more info soon.



daniel | bolllicine- studio








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