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Printing issues - Gap during printing


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Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

Hi all,

I am creating this new topic as I have some issues with my UM1 that I can't explain...

When I start printing and as the basis of my piece is not finished, there is a problem with one of the axes (or both, I don't really know) which rapidly stops moving. That's for a very short time but it is sufficient to create a gap on my printed piece and make it unusable. During this short time, I feel like the extruder is also stopping as I hear a little sound "tac" coming from behind. I also hear this sound whern I put my hears close to the axis.

I don't really know where it can come from as the axis are well greased and everything looks ok. I have this problem when I print directly from computer or from the SD card. And also whatever I am trying to print. I think it can be more a mechanical problem than an electronic one but I am kind of lost...

Does have anyone any idea to submit quite rapidly?

Thank you guys for the help.


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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    I don't quite understand. Your description could describe several COMPLETELY different things.

    For example if one axis stops and the other keeps going the part will shift and the layers above won't line up with the layers below. Is that what you mean?

    Or does one axis stop, the other keeps going, but then suddenly the stopped axis speeds up and somehow catches up where it left off?

    Or does everything stop? Sometimes when I'm printing all the axes stop for no apparent reason - it's like Marlin decides to calculate something and it's busy thinking and can't keep up. Even when it's printing something very simple like a bracelet with not that many line segments. It doesn't seem to affect the final print much.

    Can you show a photo of this "gap" you are talking about?

    Also if you could catch this in a 5 second video (or 1 hour video and tell use the exact location to jump to in the video) then it would be very very helpful.

    Or maybe you need much more words to describe the problem because "one axes stops" could mean many unrelated things.


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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    Hi gr5, thank you for the answer and sorry for the confusing post.


    There will be 2 videos.


    The first one shows the problem during a printing. You will hear 2 sounds at 2 different times :

    - the 1st jump to 1'25 : you hear a little "tac" and after this point, my printing is shifted compared to its initial printing place. I don't know if it comes from the axis (both or just one of them) or from anywhere else.

    - the 2nd jump to 1.45 : you hear a louder noise which comes from the extruder. At this point, the hotend is not feeded correctly anymore.



    The second video is taken after I cancelled the printing. You will hear a sound similar to a heartbeat which occurs directly after I stopped the printing and which stops around 10 s after I stopped printing.

    Just realized after I worte my post that I did not manage to post my video. Cuold you please tell me how I can add videos to my posts?



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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    Cuold you please tell me how I can add videos to my posts?


    The best way for me is to use youtube and then link to that. I don't know if this forum supports videos - not sure but you can try:

    To post pictures and other things on this forum click "gallery" in the top left then the big blue "upload" button and follow directions. If you are successful then make a new post (or edit an old one?) and click "my media" next to the smile icon.


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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    Thank you for the help.

    However, I think I am not allowed to post the videos on Youtube and on this forum as it is taken at work. Don't want to have troubles.

    I think the problem might come from the belts which are not working well anymore. Are these belts pieces that you need to change once in a while? It is like the belts are sometimes jumping and this causes the "gap" I am talking about.

    But that does not explain the issues with the extruder...

    I know it will be difficult for you to help me but thanks anyway.


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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    My impression is the belts they should easily last 1000 hours of printing.

    Do you mean a printing shift? Maybe you could draw the problem on paper and photograph that?

    Do you mean like this part that printed and then the Y axis slipped?



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    Posted · Printing issues - Gap during printing

    I found the problem and it is not very glorious but I am happy I've found it! :smile:

    The red wire of the fan standing under the UM1 and which cools off the PCB was unplugged. When the PCB became to hot, the issues began with first the axis issues and then the extruder problem. I have plugged it again and now everything is working well.

    However, the printings I obtained are quite similar to yours but it was a lot worse as it occured as the first layer was not even finished.

    Problem solved! Thanks gr5 for the support.


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