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6 Weeks Today - 5 Updates - Shipped

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Ordered UM1.

Today it has been one month since order and it is still "ready" with a 2-4 week lead time when ordering. I will update with more info once I receive it or every few days that the status does not change.


Edit: For reference the date posted was: 4/11/2014

Update 4/14 : I received the following e-mail:

First I would like to thank you all for your patience and your commitment to stay with Ultimaker through this extended lead time concerning the Ultimaker Original.

I promised to get back to you with an update as soon as I heard from our supplier. Giving you an estimated time of arrival for your order. Yesterday I finally received a notification saying we will receive the missing part at the end of week 16. Which means we will ship your Ultimaker Original order in week 17.

The Ultimaker team would like to apologies for the inconvenience of this delay, but at the same time we are glad we have a clear timetable now. If there are any further questions please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you.

This is excellent customer service. from what I can tell week 16 refers to 4/14-4/20 and week 17 is 4/21-4/27. This means my printer should be shipping next week.

Update 4/25: End of week 17

from my last e-mail "...we will ship your Ultimaker Original order in week 17". Assuming they don't work on the weekends, they have till the end of the day to honor that promise. I certainly understand that they must be busy, but all I ask is that I am sent an update on the progress. The sun is setting on 6 weeks of waiting. If anyone received their tracking, I would love to know. Please post.

Update 4/29: Mid Week 18

Well OK, if you are having trouble with supplies then you have no choice but to hold off on shipping printer. And OK, you had a lot of back orders so I can understand not being able to ship them all in a week. However, now Ultimaker has the parts (supposedly) and promised to ship the printer last week but on day 2 of week 18 they still have not updated my order. Coming up on 2 months and the printer is still not shipped! I am starting to lose confidence and at this point would highly caution people of buying an Ultimaker since the next best printer could have come out in the time it takes to get them to ship one.

Update 5/2

It is shipped! It has taken 49 days from clicking "buy" to a shipped state and if the shipping estimate is good, it's 52 days. Shipping seems to be quite quick thought with a May 5th (my birthday) estimated delivery. FedEx called me and asked some strange questions about what the ulticontroller was and why the power cord was 'free' I had to either write them an e-mail with some information or call them. I did both and it was painless with no automated machine menus to navigate. I'm still not sure of the purpose of these questions besides just customs bogus. I would not have minded waiting this long as long if it was listed on the site. I know unexpected problems arise, but UM should be keeping the customer in the loop instead of us reaching out to them which is basic customer service. If you are curious about your machine - Call ultimaker, that was by far the best information I got. Be prepared to pay the long distance though. I had to buy $10 worth of skype credit since my cell phone did not include international calling. If you all want to check out the tracking here is the link: TRACKING INFORMATION

I will keep this post updated...


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I assume you already filed a support ticket?


Did you also order some filament? I experienced that they may have looooong delivery times for filament.

If that's the case, you should be able to demand a partial delivery.

I did file a ticket and I only ordered the printer and the controller.


The true Lead-Time for an UM1 is 5-8 Weeks.

I know that well..... :mad:

Regards Walter

jeez that is terrible. It better not be any more than 1 more week. I don't mind waiting, but I expect to wait the ammount of time posted.


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I wasn´t sure either if it will ship with filament & blue painters tape. But it arrived with a spool of Ultimaker blue PLA & blue painters tape, so you can start printing right away. I think this is standard. Hope you two will get your UMs soon. Can absolutely understand that you are impatient after this time waiting.


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I ordered on January 21st. Was shipped by the end of January iirc.

My order also included an Ulticontroller and a spare nozzle. No problems with these. But I will definetly not order any more filament from Ultimaker except if I can wait for it for a long time :)

Well, it's no secret that they have some issues with order processing. I'm guessing they need to increase their staff, but that would mean increase their prices which they probably don't want...


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