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Buy a new machine !

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Hello everyone,


little practical question :)


I wish to invest in 3D printers at UM, but I do not know what to take and where to take too: wacko:


Here are my questions:

- UM1 or UM2, if UM1 kit or mounted?

- Where to buy? In France via a known box, or direct on UM (shipping time makes me cry :( )?

- What to buy with ? Filaments, lacquer, etc ...?

- First improvements to the printer?


thanks you all! :wub:


ps: I have open the same subject in the french forum, but the english community is not the same ;)


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Hello, and welcome :)

Why not buy from the iMakr store in London and ave them ship it, takes a couple of days.

In terms of what printer to get, what are you going to use it for and how hands on do you want to be? I got the UM2 and am very happy, true I already know I'll be getting an SLS machine at some point also but the UM2 is a great thing for any builder to own.

I print only in PLA and am happily able to print .02 layers, but the print time makes it pointless. I print mainly in .06 and .1 - although for test bits and structural parts I print at lower res - .2 - to get if off the printer fast.

First improvements would be the filament extruder housing. That's going to be the first thing I do. Then I'll build something to hold the reel of filament off of the printer so I can chose a better spot. Otherwise the thing is plug and play, works really well. Just focus on getting the build plate level :)

Any other questions please shout, we'll all help out.



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Hi Jean-Baptiste,

good choice to buy an UM. It really depends on your requirements, money you want to invest and if you are more a tinkerer or just want to use the machine.

UM1 is cheaper, works good, a proven design but requires more knowledge to get it working very well, than the UM2. If you decide to go for an UM1, I would chose a kit, because while building that machine you learn a lot how it works in detail and if you have any problems later you know where to look. If you have to disassemble sth. it´s not a big deal, because you know how to assemble it afterwards.This machine is more for the tinkerer. It´s easy to hack and change sth. Bought one as a kit and I love to improve that machine, change stuff etc. If you buy a UM1, buy the Ulticontroller also. So you can disconnet your PC and finetune some values while printing! It came with one spool of PLA, ordered another, that was enough. Lacquer would have been great, but I could not decide for a color and really wanted to assemble that machine, love the wood optic also. First improvements were another Z-Adjustment and a heated bed. That machine is more noisy than the UM2. Don´t like that aspect. Shipping time was 3 days, awesome! Way faster than expected, but seems to be different now. Ordered at Ulitmaker direct.

UM2 is a great machine, too. Haven´t tested one so maybe somebody who has one should write more about it. Looks very good, has a heated bed as standard and can do very good results right out of the box. A lot of improvements over the UM1, but the feeder does not seem to be perfect right now. Maybe I will get one, if they fixed the feeder.

Hope this helped a little.




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I would say you need to decide if you are wanting the thing working 30 minutes after it arrives or if you want to and enjoy tinkering. The UM1 will most likely not give you great prints for a bit until you get all the problems sorted, the UM2 will not have that problem. But it's twice the price!

Maybe if you have an image of the sort of things that inspire you, the type of ting you want to make, we can help more?


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I have a UM1 and wanted printing out of the box - so bought it assembled. The current price is fantastic compared to other printers.

I don't have a UM2 (I am only 8 months into printing) and currently don't yearn for one as I understand there is less tinkering opportunity than on the UM1 - but it would be interesting to hear from those who have gone from UM1 to UM2 to get their experience.

I would love a heated bed - but think that will come in time with a UM1.

I still marvel at what a UM1 can print - I think the UM1 and 2 compare well on print quality.

On the 1 I have drilled out nozzles to different sizes and don't think this is possible on a 2? - I find it fantastic for prototyping at different speeds for different parts, and for nozzle clogs I have a few spare nozzles for fast swaps.

I believe (and hope) that UM will support the 1 as long as the 2.

I have a glass build plate on the 1 which works well.

I do not print ABS on the one as I don't have a heated build plate - but materials like colorfab XT and their new xt range are beginning to narrow down the benefits of ABS

Be aware with ANY of these printers there is a steep learning curve - models, software, tips, tricks and techniques. I regard myself as reasonably competent and learn everyday from this forum - some 'aha' moments, some investigations that are of no benefit (lexan buildplates)

But I love every minute of it, and the UMs are a sound basis on which to learn, and this forum a good one to learn in.

So YOU need to narrow down why you want the printer and what features the UM2 would have over the UM1 to justify going up - two that I would consider are it is MUCH better looking (living room material) and MUCH quieter than a UM1 - mine is in a workshop and I like hearing when it has finished - so I still would go for a UM1 :)

If I was getting a second printer I would get a UM1, if a third I would get a UM2

Hope this helps!



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Thanks for your return ! :)


I would love a heated bed - but think that will come in time with a UM1.


That is one of the problems :/ It's easy to add a heated bed ? It's expensive ?


I believe (and hope) that UM will support the 1 as long as the 2.


This is what I fear too :/

So for you, the UM1 is printing as well as the UM2 ? Any difference ? ;)


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