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Strange artifacts (seems like 'ringing' - but maybe not?) - Ultimaker 2

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Printed a plate of Kossel parts last night. Used 100% stock settings ('Normal') print quality / speed / etc....

Low res:


Higher resolution:


Look at the right side where it says 'Kossel' - there's basically an echo of each letter a few times. Same with all of the holes in the piece.


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morning guys !

yeah I get that a lot when i have a lot of windows and openings in my outside building wall models.. the print head moves around for the openings and then the movement carries on over to the wall on the right a little.

If the model is small and needs to be perfect, it has to be printed painfully slowly... sadly if this is a a large part, then you have to print slow and it will take.. a long time...

Maybe this has also something to do with the fact that the tip of the hotend, the nozzle is so far away away from the centre of the axis it is moving on. So any vibration is increasted because you have a print head waving from its high fixed axis?

Ian :smile:


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