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Extruder Teflon insulator?

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Posted · Extruder Teflon insulator?

Hi all,

I'm about to replace the Teflon insulator in the extruder head.

Does disassembly simply entail undoing the four large knurled thumb screws on the top of the head or is it a bit more involved than that?

Will I need to replace the washer which bites into the Bowden tube to hold it in place or is the "washer" (sorry - I don't know the right word for it) re-usable?

Anything else I should watch out for before I start to take it all apart?

Thanks! :smile:

(Edit - apologies if this has been covered before, I did search but couldn't find anything specific)


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Posted · Extruder Teflon insulator?

I would start by putting a bit of tape on the black parts of the head to keep them from separating when you disassemble (it splits into three parts).

Next remove the fans and their bracket by removing the four screws that hold that package in place, two in each side. You can just let these hang.

Remove the four bolts and the metal parts of the head should separate from the rest of the print head.

Now you only need to remove the two screws that hold the top metal plate in place. Squeeze the whole package together tightly while undoing the two screws as the spring wants to push them apart at an angle which makes unscrewing more difficult.

From there just remove the old insulator and insert the new one making sure that it bottoms out.

When you put the four big bolts back don't tighten them quite all the way at first, leave a gap of 1-2mm. Now push down on the bowden tube so that it is fully pushed against the bottom of the teflon piece. Finally tighten up the four bolts, finger tight, not super tight. By doing this you will make sure that the bowden can't move up and down during retractions as there will be no place for it to move.

If the bowden moved down during disassembly so that it protrudes too far down just remove the red (or blue) horse shoe looking clip, push down on the round connector so that it is flush with the top of the print head and pull the bowden back up and replace the horseshoe.

Let me know if you need further details.


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