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Printed object is missing a part

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Hello, totally new here, just started with the UM2, great machine, just designed and produced a first object: a small supporting element for a piece of furniture. I almost succeeded.

Strangely enough, a curved wedge that is part of the design (and showing in both SketchUp and Cura) only appears half in my print.

Any idea what's wrong? The missing part should be thick enough (because the upper sharper part of the wedge does get printed).

A few pictures would help of course. I've taken some, but how do I upload them into My Media and then into this post?




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How to upload pics:


In the mean time, always check the layer view after you have sliced an object to see if it looks ok. That way you save a lot of time. To switch to layerview click the big button on the top right and select "Layers". Note the progress at the bottom of the window, it might take a little while to render completely. And then you can scroll through the layers with the scroll bar on the right.


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Also check Xray view. If you see any red then there is a problem. Red indicates either internal walls or holes in the walls.

You can probably fix it in cad or you can just try out "fix horrible" "type A" in expert settings and it will probably include your "wedge".


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