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Prints well in the front but not in the back of the printer

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I have been having similar problem, in my case the problem seemed to be in the rear left quadrant.

To the front and right the brim option would produce a nice flat sheet but left and rear it would inevitably be stringy. The problem persisted through several bed levelling's and completely baffled me - the bed seemed to be different temperatures in different areas. This was confirmed by a crude and unscientific touch test - I don't have a thermometer that would help me with this.

I put a feeler gauge between the glass plate and the aluminium bed and this revealed the following:


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printbed test

Sorry - I have apparently hit the wrong button ! ?

Front: no gap

Left: 0.7mm

Right: 0.2mm

Back: 0.2mm

It seems the aluminium sheet has warped (I assume the glass has remained flat).

I have for some time been dragging items to the front of buildplate in Cura as a matter of course in order to minimise the effect but unfortunately the problem seems to be getting worse.

See photo.

printbed test


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Just be aware that there is a small possibility that it is not the glass/bed but rather the gantry - those 2 thin rods for example or the 4 rods. Make sure those are very straight also. You might want to remove the 2 thin rods (4mm I think) and roll them on a flat surface.

The shipping companies that ship these printers is very violent with the printers.


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I guess it's possible it's one of the 4 larger rods but very unlikely as they are much stronger.

The 2 smaller diameter rods pop out of the sliding blocks and then you can just slide them out of the print head.

For the long rods:

The 4 belts go around aluminum pulleys. Each pulley has a single set-screw (aka grub screw) that holds the pulley to the rod. Loosen those with a 2mm hex wrench and everything slides apart. Keep track of the order of pieces.

There is an assembly manual for the UM2 so you can sort of read it backwards?

ultimaker2 assembly manual - click "raw" to download the pdf:



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So i finally could do some tests.

With the new rod, it is better, but not solved.

So i did the following: I took off the glass plate and used pronterface to test the surface smoothness, and as expected, in the right back corner, i cannot move the paper under the nozzle, where i can in the other corners.

So my conclusion is that the xyz table is not perfectly horizontal.

Ultimaker could have easily solved this by also using two screws in the back of the table instead of one.

They presume the table is completely horizontal, but it isn't.

No idea how to solve this.

I think i'll have to take this printer apart and reassemble that part.



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