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PCB Heated Bed, Calculate track length for any power supply

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Posted · PCB Heated Bed, Calculate track length for any power supply


I've been working on a heated bed and wanted to share with everyone how I found the proper length / width of the PCB track.

I have an extra 12v 6.2 amp power supply laying around. so these are the values I'll be using to figure out the right track length for the power supply.

google PCB track width calculator

http://circuitcalculator.com/wordpress/ ... alculator/

These are the settings

Current 6 Amps <---- Based on your power supply max ouput

Thickness 35 uM or 1oz ft^2 <---- What ever your PCB is.

Temperature Rise 130c <---- This is how much the temperature of the PCB will rise above ambient temp set below

Ambient Temperature 25c <---- Starting temp of the room.

Trace Length XXXXX <---- this setting will be adjusted until the Voltage drop equals your power supply voltage.

80700 Mil's <---- I did mine in mil's and 80700 is the length of


===== My Result values based on above Values=====

Results for External Layers in Air:

Required Trace Width 0.750 mm

Resistance 2.00 ohms

Voltage Drop 12.0 volts

Power Loss 72.0 watts

With this you now have your Track length and track width to do a PCB or a Milled CB


Hopes this helps some people.

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