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I know and use these good suppliers and they are not cheap, especially with the shipment costs + customs.

1. Colorfabb

2. Faberdashery

3. Ultimaker

Ebay is full of cheap stuff. I have no intention of trying it.


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Compared to the cost of the printer, and the time taken for prints, even expensive filament is the cheapest part of the equation. As Shurik says, buy good quality filament and you'll save a lot of time and money in the long run, and get better results while you are at it.

Cheap filaments can have contaminants, and highly variable composition and diameter - all of which can cause prints to fail and/or damage the printer, wasting money in the long run.

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Hi David

I do a lot of testing of different filaments for them, have a look in there guide under UM2 you will see some of my prints, they are only down the road to me.. There PLA is 3mm diameter not 2.85 and it comes from china, it works ok through the bowden tube but i just don't like the material very brittle but OK for unimportant prints, so i only use faberdashery/colorfabbs for PLA.

I have tested all of there branded name filament like the PET+ Ninja flex, biofilla, bridge nylon, laybrick etc

If you want a direct contact email address PM me and i will give you one and you can email them direct with any questions...


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