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Where is my Ultimaker 1?

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Hello can some one help me with when my Ultimaker Original will be delivered.

I ordered on May the 14th over a month ago.

My Order reference is R410512643-1

Invoice is 15916

I have had no information on the delivery, and when i ordered the leadtime was 1-3 days. This i can see has changed to 2-4 weeks but i did order my printer when the website said 1-3 days and this was what i was expecting. Now that the time i have waited has gone over a month i demand to know where my delivery it.

I am tempted to with draw my order and buy from different manufacturers if i dont receiver and information on my order.

King Regards

Jack Hodges

Hereford, England


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Hi Jack,

Thank you for your post.

As I replied on your previous message:

I am sorry to hear you are still waiting for your Ultimaker Original.


The Ultimaker Original is at times a complicated product to produce, because of the many different parts it contains.

Because the technology is developing in such a rapid pass we can not store large stocks because they can very easily become obsolete. The downside is that sometimes, when a supplier is facing delivery-problems it will immediately reflect on us. We do our best to be as pro-active as possible about this and that is why we send you an email to notify you about the extended delivery time.


I am sorry to hear that your patience is running low, and if you insist it would be no problem to guide you through the refund process. I can connect you to my colleagues from Sales.

On the other hand, if you can find it within yourself to have a little bit more patience you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having an Ultimaker Original. It has been on the market for over 3 years, and has been able to stand its ground ever since. Something no other printer has been capable off.


If you want to get back with me through PM that is fine.

Looking forward hearing from you,


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Thank you for the response, and yes i can understand the business that you are in has a range of deviating factors that you can't always control.

I will hold out and wait a while longer.

How much longer do you think i will have to wait? What has been you longest delay so far?




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I have been in correspondence about this very same issue, and now it seems i can no longer post a reply.

I paid for my printer (and the payment went through and accepted) on the 19/05 and got an E-mail saying that the lead time for my v1 Kit is 1-3 days.. this was then changed to 4 weeks after some correspondence about the PLA colour in my starter kit.

However, it is now week 5, and i am not able to send a reply to my ticket on the website, it has been a week since i last replied and i have not got an answer to my questions!

Unfortunately, i am going to have to open a dispute over my payment on paypal as the way i am being treated is absurd, and i am not alone, one only has to look at other threads on here!

Order number : R870233285

ticket number : #VJG-878-32010



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I write you because I have exactly the same problem. I commanded(ordered) Ultimaker 1 on May 06th and I still received nothing.

How long is still necessary it to wait?

Sorry for my bad English, being French, I use a translator.

Order number : R873620070

ticket number : Where is he(it)?

King Regards

Renaud Le Gall

Condé sur Iton, France


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Hi Jaker, RJ & Renaud,

Today we were going to send out a larger batch again from Ultimaker Originals and I just checked to see where your orders stood in that batch. And I have some good news for you because all 3 of your Ultimaker Kits are going to be send out today! :) You should receive a shipment notification later on today, if you have not received it already.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!


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I didn't get my shipment e-mail..

Jaker & Renaud what about you guys?

Hi RJ,

It is strange you did not get a shipment notification yet.

Your order was send out, and i will send you your tracking code in a PM!

Thank you for your time


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Yes I received an email confirmation, RJ092.

I even got the printer this morning, it was very fast!

By cons, there are no instructions for mounting provided? Is this normal?


Anyway I wanted to thank you for your SandervG reactivity. Thank you very much for everything anyway;)


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Thanks Sander, I really do appreciate it!

Can't wait to jump on that it and get printing as it will surely help me with my degree! :D


You are welcome :)

And Robert is right.

All the information you need is on the wiki!


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