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Ultimaker and the rest of world

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I was talking about 3d printing and the Ultimaker with a group of colleagues when another one approached and asked what I was talking about.

So I said "Well I have a 3D printer and was talking about that" he looked at us with the face of someone who's smarter than the rest of the world and said "Well...it ain't that big of a deal..it's actually unhandy as you then have to wear 3D glasses to see what you've printed" and left.

I have to admit it was a good laugh in the end.

Anyone else had similar funny experiences when talking about their 3D printers? :)

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I usually have the cube gears around with me to show people. But I usually show them before I tell them that I printed them or that I have a 3D printer. When people ask "where did you get this?" I tell them "I downloaded it". Confuses the hell out of them, very funny :) the whole concept of downloading a physical thing is lost to most people.

It does start the nice discussion about sharing designs with everyone. Which is good. (And, yes, I would download a car!)

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