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Posted · 5 extruders?

Hello Daid,

First off I want to thank you for your hard work on Cura. I am stunned at both the ease of use and the speed/quality of the output as compared with my former combo (Slic3r + Pronterface). I am still occasionally exporting G-Code and printing with Pronterface to have more manual control during the print, but this is starting to go away.

One small feature request: the RoVa3D (aka ORD MH3000) on which I am printing has 5 print heads. Would it be possible to increase the max # of extruders you support to 5? Another request would be to support more per-extruder parameters, e.g. setting different retract parameters, flow%, and nominating specific nozzles for support material selection. That said, I'm still not yet printing regularly with more than 4, so I am probably going to use Cura for a while to come.

Thank you again for all your hard work!



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    Posted · 5 extruders?

    Hello Daid and CreativeWolf,

    I also have the same printer as CreativeWolf, the RoVa3D with 5 nozzels. I have been trying to optimize the printer and a couple days ago I resigned to Cura instead of Slic3r + pronterface. In the newest version of Cura, 15.04.4, I can select that my printer has 5 nozzels, but as soon as I try to do that Cura feezes. The max amount of nozzels I can get to work are 4 and that works without a problem.

    Do you know if there is a way to get all the 5 nozzels to work?

    Kind regards,

    Roman van der Rijt


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    Posted · 5 extruders?

    Good Day,


    Has this project been completed? I see that this tread happened may years ago. I recently download Cura and used it with an Ultimaker 3 Extended at my university. The version I have only allows control of two extruders. Maybe there is a more feature reach version. I am in the process of building a printer with a 4 material extruder that has separate hotends for each material. In the version I have of Cura Isee that you all have the Folger Tech FT-5 under your list of other printers. Will the Folger Tech FT-6 be added to "Other" printers?





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