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Bronze fill

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I have an UM2 and some bronze fill from Colorfabb.

I used Cura to slice a model with the Colorfabb profile (http://learn.colorfabb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ultimaker_2_02_bronzefill.rar)

I added a thin layer of glue on the glass and the bronze fill doesn't stick on.

I use brim feature on the last um2 firmware.

I had to abort the print 3 times. I tried with 60°C and 75°C heated bed.

Do you have some advices ?



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first thing anyone will say is re-level the bed.

bed temp is not the problem, you should be fine at 50c. When you loaded the filament did you create a custom setting for the material with the correct setting for bronzefill?

temp 220c

bed 50c

flow rate 106%

other than that make sure it's not grinding in the extruder.

ColorFabb's profile is very conservative, I have done many prints at .06 layer height.


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Grinding usually means the feeder is trying to get the material through faster than the nozzle allows (either because it really is going to fast or you may have a - partial - nozzle block). I would slow down material flow a little bit and see if that solves it without underextruding


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We tried to print a statue of Buddha using Bronze filament, we made the 3D model to be printed with heat bed temperature of 110°C and nozzle temperature at 210°C, found certain issues, like after the certain stage of the print, the object output is not coming like other filament, please find the screenshot for the same and suggest us how to use it and provide a solution and reason for root cause.


Name of 3D Printer used is Ultimaker2

Filament Type: ColorFabb (BRONZEFILL) 2.85mm.


can any one guide me the setting in cura because i am new to this field .


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