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Initial layer Density Issue Also Over Heating on Fine Detail Areas

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Hi Guys,

Im wondering if there is any way of getting a more uniformed lower layer like whats seen on the outside of the model, mine seems to have no overlap and im not sure why.

I am also getting melted PLA on the fine detail areas at the point. I have tried increasing minimum layer time from 0 to 6 to 10s. With 10 you get stringer build up as the nozzle sits in one spot waiting on each layer. Is there anything i can change im my setting to make this work better. Please see photos below for bottom layer and setting




20140717 175506

20140717 163158

20140717 150851


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I would print the levelling square, let it cool the remove it and measure you leveling with calipers. It should be .3 or a little less like .25mm for a little extra "squish".

Also, I've seen similar results when the nozzle was partially blocked.

Might help if you print with brim or increase the skirt size so that the nozzle is at the right pressure before printing the part.


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