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Clogged nozzle I Think

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Posted · Clogged nozzle I Think

had started to print today first print went well then suddenly stringing and then nothing I heard a loud clicking from the feeder by then nothing was being extruded. by now the filament had ground down I cleared the grounding and heated the nozzle to 200 and tried advancing material Nothing I extracted the pal cleaned it up re loaded and tried advancing material through nozzle. Nothing. I take it the nozzle is blocked I did some searching and found iRoberts needles but they are not available now. what spec do I need for needles, I am reluctant to disassemble the print head it is difficult for me to work on. I d also like to advance the print head to the front of the machine but can't find how if at all it will do it, so I can work on the head better..

any suggestions on how to get the block out.





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    Posted · Clogged nozzle I Think

    Hi thanks for the reply I didn't like to just pull it but I eventually did turning power off first. I managed to unblock the nozzle, if it was blocked at all there was no black gunk I heated the nozzle up to 200 and gently advanced the material. A very watery pla came out then proper extruded pla with bits of black in it. I carried on advancing the material slowly then stopped. I wonder what exactly happened I remember setting a print going and was listening to it the d

    Feeder mechanism was making a loud clicking do you think the feeder was pushing and because nothing was being outputted the feeder was stuck.

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    Posted · Clogged nozzle I Think

    A very watery pla came out the


    I don't think you had a clogged nozzle.

    I think the filament was stuck on something inside the print head. This happens a lot and I just move the filament up a few mm and then back down and it suddenly goes much farther. Moving the print head to another corner can also help.

    When I put pla into my machine I always cut off the tip to get some fresh pla and to let the feeder grip a new spot on the pla. I always cut at an angle twice to make a chisel/pointy tip.

    If you ever do get a clogged nozzle, do the atomic cleaning method but no need to remove the bowden - just set the nozzle to 90C and pull hard. The feeder stepper offers almost no resistance. Also let the filament cool in the bowden for 10 seconds before pulling through the feeder or it might break off inside and then you have to take it apart. :(


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