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overhangs test


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Posted · overhangs test

Hi there,

I was testing overhangs on my Ultimaker 2 with this model :


and here are the results:

IMG 5587

IMG 5588

IMG 5591

it created lots of strings and bumps on the upper part of the print, my print settings are:

layer height: 0.1mm

Head temp: 210C

build plate temp: 65C

speed : 40mm

retract length: 4.5mm

retract speed: 25mm

is my print head temperature to high? or maybe I need to raise the print speed?

any advice would be appreciated.


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    Posted · overhangs test

    For your worst surface - it is almost horizontal - I can't get any better than this. The most important thing is lots of fan but I suspect you already have your fans on at 100%. Print speed won't make a difference unless you go to 5mm/sec with .8mm shell because when it does the second inner pass it fixes the outer edge (remelts it). But any faster than 5mm and it is no help. There is more information about this here (note that the first few theories were wrong but we eventually figured it out):


    Hopefully someone on this forum will become an expert at second extruder support materials and we can some day print this part perfectly.

    Or just try 5mm/sec. I dont have the patience to print that slow.


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    Posted · overhangs test


    Thanks for the advice, I will find time to read through the article, It's a big help to me,

    I was wondering if there is a graph that explains settings of Cura, so one can understand it visually.

    Nick Foley

    Thanks for the idea, I will try to set the temp to 200 and give it a shoot.


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