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PLA from north america

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Been shopping around for PLA in North America. I found these two. If anyone has dealt with them before and can provide a review or summary that would be great.


http://www.voxelfactory.com/collections ... la-3mm-1kg

These guys are selling multiple bundles at a reasonable rate but couldn't offer me any feedback on quality etc..



Any other suggestions you have are great.

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Thanks for the tips guys!

I am going to call Voxel Factory today to see if their filament is the right size -- its hard to pass up as the price is amazing and they're only an hour away. I will pick up a calliper to verify their claims.

If it doesn't work out I am gonna go with protoparadigm and ultimachine. Thanks!

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You can try these guys:


I bought two spools of PLA from them. I have not tried them yet as my printer is still in the hands of DHL ;) but they seem to have a reputation for sourcing very good quality PLA (tight tolerances on diameter). They even have an ultimaker :)


I saw that guy on protoparadigm wrote a very good article that analysis printing result of PLA round and oval shape, include some complicate mathematical formula,very professional, I really trust them.Howerver, if they are a manufacturer? I am also interested on how they control the filament shape round.

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Just thought I would give a head's up after using Voxel Factory PLA.

First, a caveat. Their filaments are 3mm with the usual .1 variance. Make sure your Ultimaker can handle this! I have a bigger bowden tube now (4mmID 6mm OD) so it is no problem for me.

Now, the great news:

- Their prices are extremely competitive. There was no one who came close to what they were selling PLA for.

- If you are in the same country (Canada) its a lot cheaper than ordering from the down south. My shipping for 3 1kg spools was $15.

- The site owner is very friendly and listens to customer feedback. When I asked about a pick-up location he began offering one, for example. When we were unsure if his PLA would work, he offered to reimburse both my money and the shipping fees if it didn't work out -- now that's some great service!

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All the plastic i have brought so far is from


Usually my order is ready to ship the next day.

I have never got it shipped as i have a friend that works near there shop.

I have tried, the green,white,red,blue and black.

Examples of what the colours look like when they are printed (ill add the black when i do a print next):

http://www.flickr.com/photos/prottiwatt ... 9694253286

The green and white i purchased first, because i thought the silver that came with the machine was faulty. I was happy, because i put them in the machine and they just worked.

The tolerance of the filament is .1 , i have been printing all in cura at 2.89mm , with the exception of the red, its giving me some problems, time to change the bowden tube.

Hope this helps.


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I have a spool of black from Ultimachine and a spool of white from Protoparadigm. The Protoparadigm stuff is really nice. It seems my bowden tube is suffering from the being too narrow issue, but the protoparadigm filament is never more than 2.9mm and has very tight tolerances, while the ultimachine spool centers its diameter around 3 mm and jams my extruder up constantly. Regardless, a corrected bowden tube should clear this up, but until then, im liking the Protoparadigm filament.

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