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Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?

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Posted · Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?

Have someone maybe thought about having a distance measurement tool hooked up to the arduino making a script to run to the 3 - 4 points of adjusting and blink a light when you have adjusted the height "perfect"?

So when you level it and hit that perfect point it lights up and you do the next? This way you get a measurable feedback :p


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    Posted · Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?

    There is no need. The firmware has a mathematical leveling function. You just need a Z probe. Once the points are measured, marlin will mathematically adjust the coordinates so the part is printed level to the bed even when the head isn't level to the bed.

    I have a magnetically mounted probe I use at the start at the start of a print.


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    Posted · Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?


    I've rebuild the firmware and got it all working.

    G28 makes an calibration from the center.

    G28 X0 Y0 Z0 makes an calibration from the X0 Y0.

    This works flawlessly! Really amazing, ever how much i press on the bed it levels at 0,0mm above bed.

    BUT - There is always a BUT!

    G29 which is configured for 3x3 point leveling finds a difference on 0.24-0.34 on my leveling.

    This is all good! After that i do G1 X0 Y0 and get to endstops again.

    Now, after the G29 if i go Z0 it goes 3-4mm longer than the G28 command did! So its off by a few mm. Tried a lot of different setups and this have changed. Sometime its 3mm, some 5, some 4 some 3.5 (Checked by taking it down to Z5mm then go slowly down 0.1mm until its where "0" should be.

    So the G29 calibration "fucks up" everything? Any idea?

    Doing just a G28 gives a good calibration but that wont level it good all the way.


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    Posted · Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?

    I'm going from memory here but it is actually the reverse.

    Any true homing of the Z axis will erase the leveling information with "true" meaning something like the G28 command. If you want to "virtually" home the printer, you need to use a move command like G1 Z0 to preserve the leveling data.

    This also means you need to change the start/end gcode so that it doesn't perform a G28 on the z axis.

    Also note that I *believe* that if the stepper drivers are put to sleep do to idle timeout, the leveling information is reset. Look through the firmware source for the vector used and find the places it is reset.

    So the start sequence before you print should always be:

    temp related codes, make sure the codes are such that the printer waits for the set temperature.



    then G1s for the actual printing.

    Using this sequence, you should find that the starting distance to the bed should be pretty consistent.

    However, if it is too high or too low, you can adjust the offset between the probe and nozzle either by adjusting the values in the firmware, or if you have the ulticontroller there will be a subitem under the tune menu (I believe) that lets you change the Z offset. The M206 MAY also work for this but I've never tried it.


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    Posted · Upgrade Possibility? : Semi-automatic bed leveler?


    I was up all night and fixed it. What I've done is make my own fork of Marlin. Because the original had a lot of compiling errors and a hard interface.


    This one has:

    G28 finds endstops in center.

    G29 is upgraded with a enchanted G29 which does up to 3x3 check. ( http://3dprintboard.com/showthread.php?3105-Auto_Bed_Leveling-Enhanced-G29-command/page27%20)

    G28 Z0 X0 is required before G29 to start at home position!

    100k thermistor for hotbed,

    1x hotend

    Menu for changin the z-probe settings (height, servo positions e.t.c) (https://github.com/Bevaz/Marlin/tree/Auto_level_2.00)

    Currently its not tested with the menu addon since its printed. The menu was fetched from



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