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Hi all,

I don't think this is currently possible in Cura, but I thought I'd just in case I'm missing something.

I'd like to use the old 'skin' feature of the slicer which could slice the outer skin at 1/2 the layer height of the fill. It produces a nicer outer skin whilst spending less time on the unseen bit.

How do others achieve this these days?

Plugins for Cura?

Alternative slicers?




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    The 'old' cura was able to do this when skeinforge was still used as slicer. This slicer had a ton of functions, but it had a horrible codebase (complete mess, so almost impossible to improve). As a result, daid developed his own slicing software, aptly called the cura engine. This slicer doesn't support variable layer heights. There are no plugins that can fix this.


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    Not sure if there is a plugin that can do this effect (as it can be done in a plugin). But I have a development version of Cura that can do "variable sparse infill thickness" where the sparse infill is every X layers.


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