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Filament not being released in one direction


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Posted · Filament not being released in one direction



I have an ultimaker printer and I have had quite a lot of problems with it. The first layer is not being printed out properly and is causing errors in the rest of my design to be printed.


It seems to be that one way it will print each line completely next to each other, in the other direction it does not seem to print properly. I will include pictures later on. It seems to me that it may have something to do with the code, but the other day it printed perfectly and now it is not printing the same way and I have not adjusted the code.


I have tried levelling the bed over 10 times, I have tried with different distances away from the nozzle, I have used a spirit level to make sure the bed is level, I have wiped down the base with nail vanish removed to adjust the sticking, I have wiped down the nozzle and have checked everything. I have even adjusted the temperature and the speed at which my object is being printed, but it is still effecting the overall object.


I do not think that the nozle is releasing any filament on the back stroke in one direction, does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be?




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    Posted · Filament not being released in one direction

    You really need to upload a picture. Click "gallery" on the top left corner of this page and then "upload", then edit your posting and click on the "my media" link next to the smile icon.

    Also please update your profile preferences to specify your country/location and what type of printer we are talking about here. Also follow your own post so you know when people reply right away instead of a month later when you remember to check back on this posting - top right corner of this page click "follow this topic".

    I'm guessing leveling from your description. Spirit level doesn't help. Leveling is not the exact right word. You want the bed level with the gantry - not level with gravity. You can print with the machine upside-down or sideways just fine.


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    Posted · Filament not being released in one direction


    I've been running into the same problem with a lithoplane.

    The prints starts with the diagonal. Working up and to the left, the printing continues smoothly and evenly, but when the second half needs printing (from the diagonal down to the right), the printing is very rough and occasionally manual intervention is necessary to stop the layer (last line, but the problem grows exponentially from there) from peeling off.

    The bed levelling has been checked and should not be an issue.

    Bias to the Left


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