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Main encoder broke (the pot, not the knob) need new one

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My U2 encoder indicates it was made by Alps, but there is no model or part number on it. Does anyone know the part number for the main knob's encoder on the circuit board? I submitted a support ticket. Just posting here in case anyone knows.

While making a hinged door for my U2, I decided to take off the whole front panel to have an easier time attaching a magnet to keep the door closed. In doing so, taking off the front panel of the U2 box, I didn't notice that the shaft for the main knob's encoder was attached to the round semi-clear plastic housing that was bigger than the hole in the front panel. As a result, the shaft pulled right out of the encoder and the inner parts of the encoder went flying all over my table. My encoder is now a 1/2 of an encoder.

In the meantime, I figured out how the encoder works (pretty cool, actually) and temporarily connected momentary push switches on a breadboard. So I can move the display cursor around and increment/decrement values, albeit very slowly :)

Thank you for any help!



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Thank you, again, Illuminarti, for the used encoder! I look forward to receiving it.

Here is a pic of my encoder button hack I have working at the moment:

Ultimaker encoder button hack

The first two buttons from the left control the cursor:

Cursor up = push-right, push-left, release-right, release-left

Cursor down = push-left, push-right, release-left, release-right

The last button on the right is the select button

Weird thing about the sequence is that for most menu items, those four actions = 1 cursor movement. For certain menus though, each button press/release of the sequence = 1 cursor movement. ie.changing temperature is faster because every 'click' moves the cursor.


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