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Posted · New user/member introduction
Hi all,

Just purchased an Ultimaker 2 for home use and having had previous experience with the Makerbot Rep 2 i use at work i know the best place to go for 'real' expert user advice are these support groups - so here i am!

Fyi, my Thingiverse home page: http://www.thingiverse.com/francfalco/designs

I'll be uploading these to the ultimaker site to share the love.

First impressions of the printer...

My wife likes the look of it, so first major hurdle sorted - because it may have to go into our bedroom!


I did print straight from the box - the robot and heart preloaded models printed okay. Then on the 3rd test file - it slanted the print to the right - but a quick search suggested to tighten the rod bearings - seems to have sorted that issue.

And using 3mm filament, is like handling a garden hose compared to the 1.75 stuff!

But i'm liking the heated glass bed.

I'm now doing a like for like test comparing printed models between Cura and my old slicer, Makerware. Early days but the Cura basic settings don't seem to produce as crisp a result as MW defaults on my Rep 2. But it is early days, i'll give Cura a fair time for testing.

Q: Is there a way to use MW to slice for the Ultimaker? i want to test both slicers on the ultimaker.

Another couple of observations/issues.

I updated the firmware and now noticed to 2 issues that i don't think i had before the upgrade?

The main fan doesn't seem to power down - ever - comes on when i switch the machine on and just keeps going?

And every time i power up the printer, i have to go through the 'new user' levelling/insert filament process - Cant imagine those are normal?

Also, had to reload filament a couple of times to get it extruding smoothly, and noticed the toothed wheel had really dug into the filament - it does take some force to get it started. Lots of chewed filament dust. Is there a process to get the sweet spot for the pressure?

I'm sure all these and my future questions will have been covered already (so i promise i'll search before i bother you guys again) and i'll also put a ticket into Ultimaker support for good measure, but just wanted to introduce myself.

And as always with a new user, if you guys have any 'newboy' advice you can send my way - that'll be very much appreciated!

Cheers for now


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    Posted · New user/member introduction




    if you guys have any 'newboy' advice


    I guess this:


    There have been issues with the filament getting ground up if you have lots of retractions on printers sold in the last month or so. It's very unclear what is going on. Spring too tight? Too loose? Different knurled sleeve? Here's some (unhelpful?) pics:



    Marks made by 3 different UM2s - the pink left one is the one that grinds up filament. The other 2 can do 10,000 retractions on 8 meters of filament.

    I don't get much (any?) dust.

    Also I never used those quick print settings ever. I don't recommend them especially since you probably know most of the lingo and you can hover the mouse over anything you don't understand.

    As far as the fans - the 3rd rear fan is always on. It comes on even before the lights. Is that what you meant? It was probably just quieter the first time you turned it on. Mine is so quiet I can't hear it more than 5 feet away but some of them are noisy. The side 2 fans should not come on when you power on - if they do the darlington is probably blown.


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    Posted · New user/member introduction

    Many thanks for the quick response! all understood.

    Yep, i'll will move away from the default Cura profiles when i've had a chance to play with the settings.

    And i think the chewed filament will be resolved once i get to 'know' the printer.

    But that 3rd fan - is there no way to get it to power up and down only during the actual printing sequence - seems strange not to have it set up like that? - i suppose worst case scenario is just to turn the printer off when its finished printing, or i may just get used to the noise?

    I'll also check out the trouble shooting guide



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    Posted · New user/member introduction

    or i may just get used to the noise?


    Like I said - mine is so quiet I can't hear it in a quiet room from 5 feet. The refrigerator in the next room over is MUCH louder. A hurricane in comparison. I have good hearing. It's basically silent.

    So maybe peel off the sticker and add a drop of oil and put the sticker back on. Or maybe order a new fan.

    Someone said this one works:




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    Posted · New user/member introduction

    And i think the chewed filament will be resolved once i get to 'know' the printer.


    Please let us know what you learn. I would start by playing with the tension. The feeder has two white indicators to indicate tension and a screw accessed from the top that adjusts the tension. Do a google image search for "um2 feeder".

    Oh - and try sliding the sleeve about 1mm in or out on the shaft.


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    Posted · New user/member introduction

    Yep, i'll keep you posted regarding chewed filament.

    And the 3rd fan isnt a major issue, just strange that it has to stay on all the time?

    i've been used to the MB rep 2's fan shutting down when its cooled and finished printing.

    I'm moving the printer to its permanent location, so once its back up and running i'll be printing like a man possessed - lots of projects in the pipe line.

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