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Long time update request

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Whoever it may concern.

Please do small update on CURA slicer making it start and finish each perimeter at the time as well as retract before switching perimeters, and then do the fill as usual.

I really like "d" CURA untill i got tired of it switching perimeters untill all are completed and i switched to CraftWare.

I still want to go back to CURA for its simplicity etc, but i cant. I print objects with lots of perimeters that need to be perfect each time. So far only CraftWare finishes each perimeter before starting another and retracts before it shifts to another perimeter.

Is there a hope that in some future it may be possible to implement this feature ?

Please dont get me started on dissabling combing and changing retract min distance, it does not do what i need. It would make it retract either too much or too little and not where i need.

I hope it gets done before CraftWare fixes their problem with lack of options for support print. I use Cura when i need better support, but when i see how much issues i'll have with perimeter, i quit and go back to CraftWare.


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As Daid is currently working on the UM2 dual extrusion too, work on Cura is certainly slowed down at the moment. Therefore, I wouldn't expect him to change something soon (but maybe he has plans for the PU edition).

As I understood in the past, you're quite good with C++. As the engine code is written in C++, may it be a possibility for you to have a look into the code and make the changes yourself? Daid would certainly consider to implement it if it works properly and if you issue a pull request.


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I dont code in C++. I dont code in ny multithreading languages to begin with.

Even if i did, i would still have no idea how to get it done.

I guess i quit for good since CraftWare needs options for support. Other then that its perfect.

Cura needs no options for support but the perimeter print. Other then that, its perfect.

Too bad i cant generate good support where i need as well as have perimeters printed one at the time no matter what application i use.

Maybe Kisslicer or Slic3r do that i dont know, but if they do, i dont like them because they are not user friendly.


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For your support needs you can look at Autodesk Meshmixer. Its free and you can generate your own supports. Depending on what you print it might work better than Cura supports. Look in up on youtube at least. The tool is far from perfect but its better than nothing.


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i dotnt like meshmixer.

But the idea of modeling my own support is kinda good (i've heard it before many many times but only thinking about it).

Its just that i normaly dont think about support when slicing the model, only when previewing layers. And when i do, i realize i need support. When i generate support i realize that CraftWare sucks at it and Cura rocks, but when slicing in Cura, i realize that good old perimeter jumpinig sucks so i go on spending great amount of time in CraftWare to manually generate support as best as i can.

I guess i will now make supports before export, that way i can set exactly how far what is and how much of it is there.

TOTAL CONTROL, just time consuming.


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I am in total support of having this functionality in Cura. There seems to be no reason not to complete each perimeter before going on to the next. Just a waste of time the way it jumps around now, and leaves strings as it's doing it.

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