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Feeder slipping/clicking pre-print


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Posted · Feeder slipping/clicking pre-print

Here's my shot at printing the extrusion test. 230 C, Ultimaker Filament


As you might notice I am getting clicking before the print even really starts. Tried adjusting the tension all over but can't get it to work. Also have tried changing the filament a few times.

Won't let me add a YouTube video...



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    Posted · Feeder slipping/clicking pre-print

    That's really odd. The tension is probably set too high in the video - it needs to be around the second line from the top on the scale. Also make sure that the filament comes easily off the spool and isn't caught up at all.

    What brand of material is this? Is it definitely PLA?

    Please double check what version of the firmware is on the printer - ideally you want 14.07 or later - see Maintenance -> Advanced -> Version.

    Your bed height adjustment looks like it might be a little off - the first layer isn't sticking very well, even when there does seem to be enough plastic. I think the nozzle is a touch high; you might try turning all three leveling screws about 1/8 to 1/4 turn to the left (as seen from the front of printer). But I don't think that's related to your issue.


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    Posted · Feeder slipping/clicking pre-print

    I checked the firmware and it is 14.07.00. All the filament I've tried is PLA straight from Ultimaker, I was sure to give it plenty of slack as well.

    And it may have been difficult to see but the tension was set for the second notch from the top on the first attempt and then was moved to the top notch on the second attempt in the video.

    I also removed the filament and inspected it, normal looking bite marks no different from the rest of the filament.

    I'm at a loss of what could be wrong. Can't print anything at the moment. Is there anything else that I could try? Should I try to make use of the warranty while I still can?

    The only change I can think of is that the weather has gotten alittle colder, room temperature is still in the 65-75 F range though.

    Thanks for the help.

    UPDATE -

    - Did the atomic pull method posted by gr5 twice. Didn't see it do anything. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4118-blocked-nozzle/?p=33691

    - Upped the current on the E motor under the maintenance tab to 1300 mA.

    - Adjusted the build plate.

    - Prayed.

    Success! No more constant clicking, or slipping rather. Still hear a very damp constant click coming from the feeder. Doesn't seem to affect prints though.

    The End?

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