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Supported filaments (non-UM supplied)

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Are non-Ultimaker sourced (3rd Party) filaments able to be used in the UM2 without voiding warranty.

I would like to use some of these filaments


Alternatively, if only approved filaments are supported, does Ultimaker have plans to supply different types?

Perhaps UM users might comment with 3rd party filiments that they have used successfully with UM2 ...


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Warranty won't void. But if you have a problem which is clearly caused by the other filament, then that's at your own risk.

Blocked nozzle for example with 3th party wood fill or PVA, that's not covered under warranty. In general, just use common sense :-)


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Yes! Ultimaker is very open. This is the MAIN THING that distinguishes Ultimaker from closed source companies. This is the main reason why Ultimaker is so popular. You can mod your printer and not violate the warranty unless your modification caused it to break. Ultimaker was founded by 3 hackers and they think it's great that people hack their printers.

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