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The Cura plugin buttons currently link to the Ultimaker wiki. However, due to the huge volume of spam found on the wiki, the plug was pulled on this server. (The spam also caused problems with our google results, which is never a good thing)

I currently do not know if the data is safe, but I assume it is. However, it is currently inaccessible. And I'm not 100% sure when/if/how it will return.

I got a few questions about this in mail and PM boxes, so I figured I explain it here quickly. Being all open about stuff and so.

Now, I'm not sure if the wiki will remain the best place to archive and document Cura plugins. So, maybe some people here will have some ideas on that?


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Until a solution is found, I provide a static copy of the Wiki pages of the plugins I'm currently supporting on my Dropbox account:



I hope this is ok for everybody (including Ultimaker HQ)... :?:


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Hi guys, Erik here!

Thanks for suggesting YouMagine. We've already been thinking of creating a better "connection" between YouMagine and Cura. Especially now, plugins are a good place to start.

Designs can already have tags, so a tag Cura Plugin could already be used to refer to this special "type". A category could also be an option to keep Cura plugins under. However, we're more than happy to create support for this special type of non-design contribution. Let us know how this should look and we can take that into account when designing a dedicated feature for this...

So far I'm thinking of this:


  • A youmagine.com/cura-plugins/ page with an explanation of what Cura plugins are and a direct listing of plugins.
  • Plugins could be "favorited".
  • Going into a plugin's page will allow you to download it and discuss it, much like a design. In the future a direct "install" button would be appropriate.
  • Ability to use screenshots and other image inline in the description.


P.s. I've asked the hoster and apparently the webserver of the wiki is having a problems, but it's still 'powered up'. No one from Ultimaker has asked for the "plug" to be pulled. Having said that, I think the wiki has had it's "best days" as it's already been made read-only as a last resort and now this. I'm almost certain that we can get the wiki pages available again, but assume it's temporarily, so see it as an opportunity to export pages.


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Hi Erik

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with them.

A view thoughts from my side:

- The description should allow for embedded pictures as today on the wiki. As long as this is not possible I would rather see a documentation of the plugin as a pdf.

- Documentation should be very easy so everybody does it properly when uploading a new plugin. If I look on the Wiki today not every plugin is well documented.

- It should be visible when the last update has been made and which was the last known working configuration (e.g. Cura version). There are quite a few plugins which were made some time back and do not properly work anymore with the present Cura version and/or with newer printers as the UM2.

- More general: A lookup table per plugin would be nice where you can see what functionality it offers per version/printer (I takea mental note to myself to do such a table for the next TweakAtZ version).

- One plugin = one person in charge of the development/documentation/etc. Of course multiple people can participate in the development of a plugin but in the end, one person should be responsible for the presentation on Youmagine. So a plugin-entry should be connected to a person's user and not to a generic plugin user. The ownership should be transferable.

- Nice-to-have: having multiple versions uploaded in parallel, but can also be achieved by including the version no. into the filename

btw: You may use me as beta tester...



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Thanks for the suggestions, Stefan,

In addition to wiki-style images inline with the text, I'm thinking that screencasts would also work well. Embedding a youtube video in the Cura Plugin section is already supported.

Cura plugins could benefit from a "template" in the description which is helpful but doesn't enforce anything. E.g.

"Compatible with: Cura 14.7+

Plugin type: GCode"

Also, we could invite some consistency by having a layout of the parameters on that page.

The "Last updated at" could be more prominent, indeed.

Stefan, what do you mean by the following?


Nice-to-have: having multiple versions uploaded in parallel, but can also be achieved by including the version no. into the filename.

Do you mean having a list of different versions of the same file? You can already upload a file multiple times, but they will look identical, even if they are different versions.


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Hi guys, old timer here. Any news on official support for plugins?

I have written a new one for color-mixing with a diamond hot end, but I still find no place to publish it :/

See https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/16589-plugins

AFAIK years ago the wiki was shot down but still no replacement is in place. Google still points to nowhere or to the main useless page.

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