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SOLVED - great printer, terrible customer service

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I think the weakness of Ultimaker is the after-sales service... there's no answer to emails... no answer to opened tickets, at this moment Ultimaker have a very bad image for me, no more credibility..


I have an open case and for weeks no one answer me, it is very frustrating..


Do you want a great 3d printer? buy an Ultimaker printer!


Do you want a big headache, be afraid, worried, unsupported, without answers? buy an Ultimaker printer!


Moderator.... will someone from Ultimaker give me a reply now?


Ticket ID: AIK-755-27921


Thank you!




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In fact, my issues are about Delivery.The printer was sent 40 days ago, after many issues with confirmation of payment.


When it finally arrived here in Brazil, a new surprise.... the declared value was wrong (absolutely wrong), the address was wrong, everything was wrong... I had problems with the IRS, at risk of paying a heavy fine. So the order was returned to Ultimaker in order to correct the declared value and then send it to me again..


I've been trying contact in the last 10 days and no one even answer my emails to let me know the current status of my order.


A total disrespect!


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I've been trying contact in the last 10 days and no one even answer my emails to let me know the current status of my order.


It's not disrespect. They are just 2 weeks behind in support. The company is growing too fast and they need to hire more people but they are too busy to do hiring. Catch 22. There are others in Brazil with Ultimaker 2. You might want to talk to Oswaldo on this forum - I've met him in person - very nice guy - maybe you live in the same city and can try his printer out while you wait for yours.



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Hi Didier... thanks for your help... I ordered from the Netherlands...


I will try to call the support how you suggested... but im in a different time zone and i have some difficulty to talk / understand in english to explain all the story... i have no problems to read and write e-mails... but talk will be a little bit harder...


I hope the guys give me an answer this week... if not, i you try to use my poor english to figure out what is going on... :)


Thank you




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Hi http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/user/1527-gr5/, thanks for the reply..

I'm a big fan of Ultimaker... even not yet having received the printer. I can imagine the guys are growing fast... but I think UM should create an intelligent communication channel (like a live chat) to offer fast information about orders. This simple tool could reassure customers and not leave us totally without information... In my case, i'm in the other side of the world and i don't know whats going on with my package... in this situation, people get apprehensive and worried.


I think UM should improve communication urgently! This is their deficiency and it will result in bad reputation and consequently lose new clients around the world, which would be a shame, because the product appears to be excellent.


I'm in the crowd by the success of the Ultimaker! so i have to report their deficiencies...


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Hi alescorsato,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear about the level of frustration you are experiencing.

I just came across your post and I spoke to Simone and she will get back

with you today in regard of your questions.

Lets focus on a solution for you in the shortest period of time.

I just spoke to Simone and tomorrow we are going to look into your status when the shipping department is available again. Most likely we will be able to ship out your Ultimaker again tomorrow and we will be able to solve this for you.

We are working very hard to get back with everyone in a reasonable period of time, but due to a recent chain of events (*) our support team is suffering from a very high workload.

(*) There were some problems with delivery times by our supplier that created a big workload for our team.

(Awesome picture by the way, I saw the trailer of the minion movie today, promises a lot of fun!!)


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Hi SandervG, i appreciate your help.


I understand that not everything can be solved as fast as we would like ... but a simple response reassures us and we know that at least someone is doing something to solve the problem.


I'll wait for the contact of Simone.. i hope everything can be solved and i can have my UM2 asap.


Thank you very much


Ps. The picture is a digital painting i have done in Photoshop... this movies are really fun, thanks..


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