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Support issue with14.11-RC7

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We are experimenting with 'melt-able' support and made a simple test model. We've sliced it with support everywhere and noticed that the support isn't really 'everywhere'. In some places it seems to be 'floating'. I've attached photo.



I'm not sure if this is a problem with our model. The support settings are as follows:

Structure type : Grid

Overhang Angle: 0

Fill Amount: 20

Distance X/Y: .7

Distance Z: .15

Any Info is greatly appreciated.


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Do you have the same behaviour with line supports?

Some of the parts of you example don't really need supports (but i guess you want a lot for you test purposes).

Maybe you can try to put something like overhang angle: 20 and see how that goes.

Or check the gcode in repetier host to see how it turns out (maybe it's a gui bug)


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Hello Didier,

Yes, the line option gives the same result. If you look at the photo closely, at either side of the letter 'K', the support starts 20+ layers from the nearest base surface and then does not go all the way up to support the horizontal section of the 'K' itself. The letter 'E' has support printed in mid-air as does the letter 'N'.

I've opened the file in pronterface to examine it and it is not a GUI issue. I've also sliced the same file in Slic3r with similar settings. The support in Slic3r is much more complete. I'd really rather use Cura, but I need the support to work.


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