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UMO + heated bed Z axis clicking

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Hello i am a new ultimaker user :) !

After the heated bed installation i noticed some z-motor clicking and i also get some thicker layers with the spiralize function of cura (14.09) every ~10 mm.


the z axis runs "almost" smoothly ( well, pulling the heated bed up from the bottom while steppers are disabled needs more force, but i can push it slightly downwards with no problems).

can you give me an advice what to check and how ? z- motor overheating? is there an easy way to calibrate the z- rod once again?


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well, after trying to learn some french and reading what didier klein wrote today , i installed cura 14.11R7.

and what can i say?!

the thicker spiral layers are gone !!! is it a bugfix? anyway i am happy, but still have the clicking sound from the z-motor...

z-axis noise


please tell me anyone if this is normal sound while spirilizing, or that i don't have to worry about that.


thank you very much in advance!


cheers imke


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I wasn't able to download or play the video. Can you post it to youtube instead? And then link to it?

The Z axis is the noisiest axis. I suspect each click is a step by the Z motor. With "spiralize" turned on you get lots of clicks per layer. Spiralize is a very special case and is only used for cups and vases basically. It's even more specific than that - the object must be solid (like a cube) but then is printed with no top and no infill. It also adds extra material where the base meets the walls to keep it water tight and a few other unusual features.

Instead of learning french, google translate is very good. Not perfect but good enough.


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gr5 thx !!! yes of course, here it is (sorry big file) :

"spiralize" works perfect for that solid object!!!


living in switzerland i've got the approach to reanimate my lost french knowledge somewhen ;-)...so be prepared to read some weird comments in french from me in the future...but to be serious-thank you very much for google translate hint !!!


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That's completely normal for spiralize mode. The Z axis is quite loud compared to the other 3 steppers. Because it moves such tiny amounts (it takes maybe a minute to move one layer) they come out as individual clicks.


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