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Bao3D -- 250 cm3, 50 hours, 1 bag

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I printed this on a borrowed Ultimaker 2 and a Ditto+ printer. I am writing a write up on the design and plan to share the files on YouMagine, but haha, I couldn't wait to share the pictures. This is by far the longest print I've ever done.




It was printed in 15 different pieces. I tried to limit my prints to about 3-4 hours each so in case there were crashes, I didn't risk too much lost print time.

The triangles could be recombined to make different shapes as well. I'm trying to work out a way to publish the files so they can be easily rearranged to create bags (or whatever) of different dimensions. Maybe even non-triangle polygons? I mean, the geometries isn't really that complex. After all, one of the design constraints was my rudimentary Blender abilities.

I also want to do another print where I print it directly on the glass. I printed this on masking tape since my Ditto+ doesn't have a heated build plate. But I have my friend's Ultimaker for another two weeks so I should take advantage of the glassy heated bed, I think!

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Sweet! I'm glad to hear she liked it. :)

I am making another one. A 4x3 Cross Body version. I miscalculated and the chains were too short. I ended up placing in the end of the printed chain link while an extension was being printed. Ahh.. maybe a photo will explain it better.




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