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Weird steps

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Hello, can someone tell me why is the printer steping like on the 0:2-0:7 sec of the video and not like 0:7-0:9. Is it maybe because i turned on z-hop at 0.0075? If yes then why is it "hoping" if its a straight line?

And why do i have those strings between edges? Temperature maybe? I lowered the temperature to 215° and seems it stoped after that.



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Do you have combing set to off? having zhop on and combing off will produce a lot of hops which are not really needed.

The part that at 0:2-0:7 is most probably doing the infill so its making a lot of retractions if combing is off. Remember that the infill are diagonal so it wont go in a straight line even if it could.

The second part (right side) is not doing the same thing at first because its starting with the shell.

Can you check the expert settings?

check the retraction section:

min travel, enable combing, zhop


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min travel is 1.5, combing is enabled (didnt even know what it is so i didn't change it), zhop is 0.075.

yes, it was the infill, but before he printed it always like 0:7-0:9.

btw, later on, after ~20 layers it printed always like on 0:7-0:9.

I was just worried that such steps arent good for the motors. :)


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You might also want to experiment a little bit with shell thickness and nozzle size. Sometimes changing the nozzle size a teensy tiny bit can change the paths significantly and remove those tiny infill lines completely. Try increasing the shell thickness and see if it can complete those thin walls with just perimeter lines. Or try increasing/decreasing your nozzle size by 0.1-0.3mm or so.

After every change look in layer view to see what the result will be.


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