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Design Spark Mechanical v2

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There's an update available for DSM, version 2:


Just had a quick first look and don't see functional difference ... tested the trick to import & unlock STEP files, this still works;



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Downloaded and installed it yesterday, i had a issue with the license (i had to enter an email in a grayed form control).

The trick is to install the PCB software and do the registration through there, then it works.

I didn't spot big difference either


New improvements


Simplified interface: Easier to use and easier to learn with a streamlined experience and tool tips


In-software help: No more navigating away from the software to search for tutorials. Plus, we've added new Getting Started guidance


Example designs: Explore the possibilities of DesignSpark Mechanical with a new list of example designs


New 3D catalogue: Choose from over 100,000,000 free-to-use 3D component models for your designs


Enhanced part number handling: Direct connection to the RS catalogue and improved Bill Of Materials functionality, including easier editing



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I find it rather stable, very little issues, if I compare to f.e. 123D that was a total nightmare. ...

Sometimes it's not really doing wat it's supposed to, f.e. it will not cut, but mostly I can trick it when moving a face a little and try again..

overall I like it a lot ..


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