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Cura v14.12...1 Currently perhaps a few screws loose ?

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Posted · Cura v14.12...1 Currently perhaps a few screws loose ?

Hello Daid and community :arrow:

In Cura v14.09 although there were massive extra movements of the print-head, but the rest was quite useful and it was actually possible to prepare objects for 3D printing. Maybe it's better to go back to this Version.

Cura v14.12.1 i have only briefly tried, and then I had to go back to v14.12. Actually, it should only be a change in the temperature control, representing the difference to v14.12, or I am missing some info?

Obviously there is some change more, because:

- Slicing of large (or all) of DAE files...suddenly no longer correct, it seems as if the interior turned outward. Or maybe something better described: "Surfaces turn into holes", and "holes turn into surfaces". Anyway, it has in Cura v14.09 still works fine...Possibly a single case?

Besides asked: Is it really unusually difficult to associate DAE files automatically with Cura future versions? Or the DAE files support will soon swept under the carpet?

EDIT: In fact, a single case:

- Aligning the printing bed...becomes an unsolvable puzzle again. A well-set distance with a sheet of copy paper between the bed and nozzle, which can be moved easily, leads in the end to damage (scratching) the print surface during printing. Great...An error of this kind, in an older version Cura, was once responsible for the destruction of one of my special glasses...Possibly a single case?

By the way and sorry for the following, but the "First Start Wizard" is absolute an futility:

It happens when you first turn ON a new machine, sometimes or always after a factory reset, sometimes or always after a firmware update...This First Start wizard can not know...if and how much material (filament) is already in the machine, because he NEVER asks. Premature discontinuation of these "WIZARDRY" is impossible, and at least one complete run is required. What happens if material is already close to the print head, I do not need to explain now. And now (I do not know since when) there is a similar futility, with the name: "Insert material"...???...Perhaps it would be better to pay a little more attention to the great "Move material" routine, and to give it a definable by the user speed Level.

The current Cura installation wizard (for Windows)...provides the ability to uninstall older versions. If you select this option, another start of the installation package is required immediately after execution. Otherwise Cura is not installed. This procedure is intended...or is this Possibly a single case?

A few suggestions for perhaps interesting menu items:

Selectable Alignment check - Move the nozzle near the printing surface (checkpoints), for easy follow-up inspection.

Selectable X / Y / Z movements - Slow driving on all axes, for a couple of times for maintenance (lubricate, Overall function test).

Perhaps a perpetual wish from me, but:

At the the end of printing...I'm looking for a simple (adjustable) option to keep the filament yarn in the heating chamber, or at least not so far to draw back. I think I know why the filament yarn is always pulled back very far. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the UM2 Hotend cools down fast enough, the remaining filament yarn takes no great harm and sticking to the ColdEnd not happen basically. But too wide a retraction of the thread (far from the ColdEnd out) can be very problematic for a new start printing. In particular, if the ColdEnd is older and even slightly deformed, it leads to increased difficulty starting.



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Posted · Cura v14.12...1 Currently perhaps a few screws loose ?

I have a few views!

Updating from Cura v14.09 to v14.12.1, I first un-installed v14.09, and then installed v14.12.1, no problems experienced!

Updating Firmware: Yes imediately shows the install filament routine, with no options, Obviously I still had filament installed, but no option to remove this first, or jump this procedure.


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