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Cura Questions?

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1. Is there any way to have a grid shown on the print bed in Cura software in which the grid is drawn in user specified amounts (such as inches or mm or whatever)?

For example, a grid which was in square inches?

(As a wishlist item: have the bottom face of the print bed glass lightly etched with a centerline, gridded in your units of choice, etc.).

2. Are there any tools in Cura which would allow you to scale down or up a model after it has been imported?



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There's a way to manually edit the PNG that creates the grid. It was discussed in a thread recently but I don't have a link handy right now. Someone else will though I'm sure.

Yes, just select your imported model by clicking in and then click the "Scale" button that shows up in the lower left corner of the 3D view.


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Hi Mike,

Grid display: This is something that I wanted to do for a while. I had forgot about it. I'll put it back in my list of things to look into at some point.

I dont know how usefull having the grid in square inches or mm would be usefull. What is your need for it?


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Thanks for all the info!

Glad to see scaling is possible. (Was looking up in menus for that).

Regarding the grid... basically, the checkerboard is OK but it would be nice to have some sort of scale on the X,Y (and Z) so the user could look at the model and instantly see 'oh, that model is 100mm wide'. Perhaps the user could toggle it ON or OFF in preferences or something.

Regarding units... I'm used to working in MAX where you can choose to work in a variety of units depending on preference... but I can also get used to working in mm too. Things like an axis scale or whatever would definitely help me to adjust to working in mm I think.

Thanks again.


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'oh, that model is 100mm wide'.

Click the scale button. You will see the scale in mm for each axis of the selected model. You can scale by factor or by size.

Cut Off support

In 3dsMax just configure the system units to be in mm but you can leave the display units in inches if you want.

3dsMax units


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I am new on this forum and I have just built the Original+ and I am now testing printing some parts and I am using Cura 14.12.1.

I have read in the Cura manual and on this forum about the buttons that should appear in the bottom left corner: change rotation, scale and mirror.

My problem is that I don't have any buttons at all in the left corner.

What am I missing? Does anyone know?



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Hi Frederik

I am using Windows 7, but I activated the model as you suggested and I now have the buttons on the screen.

How strange it is that I missed that, but now I know.

Thank you very much for your help..


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