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Buy international due to exchange rate?

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Has anyone from the US bought internationally even though we can now buy locally? I see the price is $2500 USD, but with the Euro taking a tumble, if I purchase directly from their site, I can save almost $250 USD. Now, it says ex. VAT which I'm assuming is excluding VAT and since it's shipping to the US I won't have to pay that. I also looked up what it would cost for import on 2250 USD 3d printer and there was $0.

I understand currency rate changes can be a tricky subject for companies that expand, but it looks like I can save around 200-250 by ordering internationally. Am I crazy for wanting to do it this way? Anyways else done this?


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Appreciate this favorable currency exchange discussion since I'm USA based, as well. It DOES escape my logic to plop an extra $250 into Dynamism's corporate cofers when I can have the currency conversion go my way simply by being patient for my anticipated UM2 purchase to arrive in my hot little hands, however.

Seems like Dynamism would grab more US based customers--assuming of course that is why they are inventorying UM2s and parts in Chicago in the first place-- if they'd just display a currency converter on their website here stateside, and cater to US buyers who are savvy and know the advantageous currency conversion score already. The $250 savings could become filament credits for example thus helping attract/secure the USA potential buyer instead of smug smiling, patting their hipwallet and not even saying "thank you for the extra couple C-notes and a few fins." :eek:

Face it. DIdn't we all learn, thank you Hewlett-Packard, IBM's LexMark etc., that the money is in the annuity stream ink cartridges, or in the case of UM, the future filament sales?? Dynamism is only going to sell ONE maker, or maybe two if US consumers are going to upgrade firmware. BUT FILLAMENTS? THAT'S where the revenue stream is going forward is for Dynamism---> in the consumables. Dynamism should be focused on securing a loyal, filament purchasing customer base, in my opinion, b/c that mark up on filaments is where they are going to make their cha-ching going forward.

I never will forget the day I went to WallyWorld and bought every single Lexmark Printer in sight, yes every one. I came home, cup open the taped boxes, extracted ALL the black and color ink cartridges, worth $4 more total--per box-- than I paid for each entire boxed printer and contents. Then I donated the brand spanky new physical printers to the local charity, took the receipted write-off on the taxes, and smiled all the way to the stockroom with my boxes and boxes and boxes of Lexmark ink cartridges.

Look, the US $ is on a tear higher right now, and it's a historic tear at that. Deflation has hit European shores, no 2 ways about it! And, with this Greece thing getting ready to blow, the US BUCK may spike even higher very. VERY shortly with the Greece elections now in the rear view mirror, and Russia wooing Greece to join the BRICS, putting a significant nail into the EURO coffin. Soon, then, the savings of ordering from overseas will turn into $300-350 extra. Or more. And we're just suppose to hand that windfall profit to Dynamism due to immature impatience for delivery from Europe???

A packaged-to-ship, assembled UM2 unit is still manufactured elsewhere and shipped whereever, whether to Stockholm or Chicago. Parts needing replacing are genuine UM parts, whether in US or European inventory. Dynamism is in Chicago. UM Support is internet, and not tied to bricks and mortar. Heck, one can go to the Dynamism website and not EVEN FIND a bricks and mortar "local pickup" google earth view address--another missed marketing opportunity which ALSO makes no sense to me. It's not like no one has a clue where Chicago is...the mystery is where DYNAMISM is physically in Chi-town. :???:

Let Dynamism get with the program and start openly currying the filament aftersale gig, instead of the smuggly accepting the windfall profit pocketing game currently being played.

Again, UM/Cura support is internet, so that "buy local and pay more money for the firmware" argument simply doesn't hold water. And if one is anticipating needing parts, they ultimately have to be shipped from Europe to somebody elsewhere anyhow, regardless of whether in gay Pareee', or Hoboken NJ. And now, thanks to the foresight and listening to their user base, UM is shipping extra parts with the new units as solid evidence of their faith in their customer base going forward in 2015.

Again, thanks for the headszup discussion on this currency conversion thing, Drewyboy. Good to be reminded. :D


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