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Ultimaker Original + (can somone please post pic of completed print electronics?)

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Hi, I'm at the end of my build and the instructions don't show where the wires connect to in the electonics. This should be mostly simple to look and figure out but the instructions say things like "plug in the blue and purple wire...for the fan" and I don't have a blue and purple wire...so I'm guessing it's the black and red one because I can see a little black and red wire coming off the fan.

Also, I cut the connector off the end of my heat bed wire because that's what I thought the instructions were saying to do...and now I'm reading a part that seems to say I need to "plug" them in to the other side of the board. If that's correct I cut the connector off already so that will be yet another trip to the store to try to fix something else.

If someone could please post a picture of their working print electronics that would be terribly helpful because it would take me about 2 minutes to see where all the wires actually are supposed to connect to.

I'm pretty frustrated at the quality of this kit at the moment. There are a lot of missing items (as many have mentioned) and there are also parts of the build instructions that are wrong (as others have mentioned). I'm sorry my first post to this group is so negative but I'm really feeling like I should at least have the correct and high quality build instructions for a kit I paid $1,500.00 USD for.


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I don't have the UMO+ but I have UMO and UM2. I believe you have this white circuit board. All the connections are labelled pretty well. BOTH sides. Heated bed goes to the green connector as shown. "heater2" is for a second nozzle (dual print heads) so you can ignore that. These are UM2 photos but it's the same board:



Similarly E2 (extruder 2 - goes to second feeder stepper) and temp2 (second nozzle temp sensor) can be ignored and should be empty.

Heater wiring, stepper wiring, and temp sensor wiring can go either way. Fan's however matter (red wire goes to power or "+", black wire goes to ground or "-").


Click on images for larger image.

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Thanks for the replies folks...VERY helpful. Peetersm yours showed exactly what I was looking for. Turns out I did end up cutting something I wasn't supposed to. I bought a couple connectors and crimped them on so now my heat bed works. I hope this thread saves someone else the headache.


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