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Is there a scriptable or text-based software similar to openscad?

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Dear users,

I want to print a model that consists of about 150 spheres. I have coordinates of the spheres at hand. I need some software that has a text-based input, so I won't have to arange all the spheres by hand in a GUI. So far I tried openscad: https://flic.kr/p/qcv9XM


It is exactly what I need, but I get a runtime error, when it renders the whole structure.

Can someone suggest a similar type of software?


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On a side note, I notice that you are applying inner and outer diameters to the spheres. Do you need to? I'm only seeing outer surfaces, so creating hidden inner ones seems like a waste.. and might complicate printing too.

Is it some kind of molecular model perhaps?


Good point, perhaps solid spheres may be better, and then have the printer use a % fill if printing solid used too much filament.


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