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Possible temperature sensor problem

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I have had my ultimaker 2 for almost a year now and have completed hundreds of prints on it and it has always worked amzingly. Once I figured out the settings and how to tweak it, I have not had many issues.

Within the last couple weeks I have started to have some bad issues with my printer stringing and now really bad underextrustion to where I can't even finish a print.

This is what the stringing looks like

IMG 20150208 212308 607

I used the sames settings I had been printing that piece with before.

After several failed prints, I decided to investigate a little futher and completely took apart the print head. I cleaned everything out and made sure everything looked good. I even drilled out the white plastic piece a little as one person suggested on another board if it was tight. I noticed when I was in there that my temperature sensor is completely stuck like in this thread.


Now all it is doing is under extruding everything. Like in this image

IMG 20150211 221550 890


Any suggestions on what I should do would be great. I need my printer back as I use it for business. Thanks.


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You can check if the temperature is good or not with this method:


Otherwise, i would think that the Teflon could be the cause of your problems (the white plastic you drilled). You can contact support and ask for one Teflon coupler. They might even send it for free as it's now considered as a consumable part.


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On my UM2, I had suffered this symptom after about 200 hours print.

The cables for the temp sensor where not sufficiently connected to

the PCB.

My heated bed would not always be hot, so i opened up and the screws in the

green connectors on the PCB where very loose.

The connector for the hot end temp sensor was almost falling off ...

And like Monsieur Klein says, Teflon! If youve printed ABS it is cooked for sure.

Even if it looks ok-ish it will collapse and grip the filament under pressure.

Loosen the 4 long vertical screws a bit too, I learned from the veterans here..

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Didier Klein

Yeah My nozzle is extremely clean. I cleaned it out several times.

I tried to pull the sensor out when I had it all apart and it is for sure stuck in there.

My teflon coupler looked pretty bad and I had trouble trying ot push filament through by hand. I will replace this for sure regardless of if there is anything else wrong.

Is there anywhere to order parts in the US? I know they can probably get me one, but I kind of need to fix this faster than waiting for an overseas part.


Thanks for the info. I have literally never really had any issues with my printer up until now. I had a couple clogged nozzles but that was easy. This is getting frustrating.


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Thanks. That's what I thought. I ordered this one just to get it her fast. I can't wait for support to help me on this.



Thanks for all your help.


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