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How much time is normal to send a Teflon coupler?

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14 days and a teflon coupler ordered from Ultimaker has not any notice of a tracking number.

I post a ticket but not very helpful so far , the answer has been that it takes at ultimaker to ship from 5 to 10 days, well its 14 days, weekend and not tracking number yet.

Is this normal? I mean, a teflon coupler is small, can be sent via a small parcel and is not a difficult thing to manage.

Ordering from ultimaker has been a pain as everybody Know, and can be read here in several threads but I didn't expect this to happen also with spare parts...

by the way I ordered also from here


and they sent them the day after ordered and are on their way here.


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14 days [ago, i ] and a ordered teflon coupler from Ultimaker. Not tracking number yet.

by the way I ordered also from here


are on their way here.


The good news is, you have an official request in for an official piece and not a foreign made knock off, printed in who knows what?

Now you will have an abundance of teflon couplers, official and otherwise, after they ALL arrive.

Then when you break or wear out the cheap one, you have a backup, and can promptly order again from Ultimaker so that you always have a spare. Sounds like you do a lot of printing, yes?

Just in time inventory management is not always the "right fit/answer" especially in personal manufacturing such as afforded by Ultimaker's fine products.

The Team Ultimaker have delegated tasks to various personnel.. And they're human and make mistakes. I personally don't think airing your beefs in public forum is the right way to get resolution. Are you wanting me to send you mine? Good luck with that.

I don't know of any embarrassed person who works faster because they got pounded in a public forum for a slow shipment of a replacement part. There must be an explanation of some kind, and the majority of us reading this can't help you.

Leadership Team Ultimaker is very accessible around here, if you reach out to one specifically. Can't hurt, right?


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-------I personally don't think airing your beefs in public forum is the right way to get resolution. --------------


This is Buying, Ordering and Delivery of Ultimaker part of ultimaker forum , where If you have problems, delays and comments about how it works, you can post it and and try to make it work better.

I just shared my experience, and read about others here, and wait for help, and voila, its here, thanks to Sander.

If you dont comment how things are working for you at ultimaker is impossible to improve, and I dont think saying it loud is a bad think.

I am very happy with my printer, I think ultimaker2 is the best out there, but sales had been a problem when I bought it and now with this critical spare part.

I ordered at ebay a replacement, after 10 days waiting for an email from ultimaker saying it has been sent that has not arrive yet, and because I need my printer working, I dont know if it is official or not, They shell it as an ultimaker german teflon coupler, will see if it works.


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Alright, I have asked an update for 1540599 & 1529041.

I think I will have an update tomorrow and I will also try to get it out asap.

About decent packaging, that has been mentioned and noted and is on the agenda to be improved!

In regard of our target, I think the best answer in this case is: improve ;)

And don't feel bad when you are asking for help.

At Ultimaker we are all happy to help and pitch in :)


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Hi Guys,

Sorry Contesio I did not see your message, I have send out a request for an update.

It looks like it should already have been send so I expect it to be shipped this week.

@ Andwew, I have also send out a request for an update on your order.

It is still within the lead time of 10 days but it should also be send soon.

I will let you both know once I know more!

Thank you!


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