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Really. When is your team going to treat this as a big opportunity and make Youmagine not suck?

There are so many well-documented problems... I don't know that I've been able to use the site a single time in the past few months without hitting a 404 error.

Can we start an indegogo or a gofundme so that you can hire another developer?

There are so many ways to monetize this platform! You're basically the #2 player in the space and you are doing nothing to innovate... it is painful to watch. Allow people to buy my 3D prints (like a storefront for 3D hubs)! Allow people to remix/fork/collaborate! Allow people to offer design services! Do anything at all!


All of your hopeful and frustrated users.


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    I had issues as well. Some 3d files i was looking for where just gone and replaced by another from the sam designer but the title still remained.. that was frustrating as it occured on many designs not just on one.

    I uploaded my first file on youmagine today and after filling in the information i clicked next and it just return to the homescreen and all my entries were gone .. frustrating, but the second time it worked like it should..

    so i agree and i would donate to rise this up as well


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    I heard from Erik (at the latest Ulti-evening) a 2th developer has been hired, think he's started already. I also think fixing the basics has taken a lot of time, but to be fair some stuff has improved. For example the poor picture handling (deforming aspect ratio) has been fixed on the site and for mobile, the broken "edit" is fixed , and search is working good I think ...

    I do think communication on open issues and a development roadmap can be a lot better, I think it's on the to do list to setup something for this as well, I don't think they look at this forum so much ...


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    About the display thingie as you call it, a quote from Erik; "We'll soon have a design viewer that can display assemblies".

    Depending on the formats supported that could be very nice, but I do see one issue, I usually make a screendump of the "assembly" (exploded view is what I usually call it) and then put all components in there best printable position, so if I would now upload a .step, with the components in the best printable position, and thats taken to show a "assembly" it would not look good... I wonder how they've planned this should work.


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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for pointing out the importance of getting the site working better.

    If it's helpful I can be a bit more transparent. There is only a single developer, Mark Moissette, working on new functionality (e.g. the 3D web-application that was mentioned). This is a very specialised kind of app development and we're really excited to work with him. This is different from the Ruby in Rails website development which Mark developer isn't trained to do.

    Our other Rails developer works both on improving existing functionality and training the second Rails developer. This means that at first things aren't really going faster, but over the course of this month progress should start to speed up. I'm already talking to a third person who's signing up to become part of the team mid next month. We do realize we have to invest more to make not just a "me too" Thingiverse, but really something that works not just better, but also supports creative users more, is easier to print from. This means we need your inspiration and feedback on what to focus on.

    About 404's, this means "page not found". If someone creates a link to something that doesn't exist, this is normal behavior. Could it be that you're talking about "Oops, something went wrong" errors? If you find any pattern in when unwanted behavior of the website happens, I will to get this info to the developers. They aren't constantly monitoring forums, so things aren't picked up automatically.

    I hear you say that there's reported "broken" functionality. If you have anything specific that you think we should work on first, let me know.

    @Nick & VISU-AL: if you have any specific example of content that seems to be missing or renamed. We have specifically designed YouMagine to keep links working even if someone renames the title of a design (which changes the official URL). There should be a redirect from the old URL to the new one.

    It's also possible that someone has published content which then got unpublished or deleted by the user. The content is then as if it was never there. Do you think that could have been the case?

    Thanks for pitching in!

    On behalf of the team,

    Erik de Bruijn


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    @Erik, so for now the best way to report if something is wrong is info@youmagine.com ?


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    Hey Erik,

    Do you have a public bug tracker setup? Would be awesome to have a place we could go to to create tickets vs. coming to the forums where people might end up frustrated and complain?

    The only time I've seen 404 errors was when I was logged into the beta tester version. Some pages weren't found, but that was to be expected to some extent.


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    I'd love to add a public issue tracker. We've recently switched to a system we're hosting ourselves so we would have more control over this. I expect that it's possible. I will see what we can do!

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