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Can you slice with numbered perimiters?

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First I must say I love my Ultimaker 2. I own now 4 3D printers and it is by far the best I have. Thumbs UP!

Here is a Hull I printed today. Printed at 0.15mm layerheight at 50mm/s. Zero innfill and 0.8mm perimiter (shell thickness). Took around 5hours.

Hull print

It came out nice, but there is an issue when overhang starts. The printer starts to print more than 2 perimiters lines. It makes more unnecessary moves and I get a not so smooth surface.

This could be fixed if I could force the slicer to always use 2 permimiters. Then I think this would be even more perfect :)

Is it possible in Cura to do this?

Another thing is that it would be nice to be able to tell the slices where it should start each layer, sice every layer start also creates a small "blub" on the surface.



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Is it possible in Cura to do this?


The best way to fix this in Cura is to add a third perimiter so the inner diagonal edge doesn't mess up the outside beauty.

The problem is you have top/bottom turned on (as you should) and so it thinks of this diagonal "top" of your print has having a top and it wants to make sure it is complying with the top/bottom thickness setting. I suppose another "fix" is to set top/bottom thickness to just one layer height (.15 in this case) but that might cause other ugliness. Playing with these 2 settings (adding a perimeter or reducing top/bottom thickness) should help you.

But the basic answer is "no you can't turn on this extra infill near edges".


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