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Heater error


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Hello all,

today i got my first "real" problem with my UM2, it stopped and i got the Heater error. I have read somewhere that it could be that the heater and temperature sensor. Please take a look at the picture and tell me if its enough stucked in the heater block :/


I also saw it could be caused when using custom fan blocks, i'm using for ~15 days the zetoff fan block and i did not had any problems with it.

I succeeded 1 print with lowering the fan speed.

Please tell me what to do to get rid of the problem.

Thanks in advance!


and yes, i had the 15.01 firmware on my UM2 and lowered it to 14.12.1 and then succeeded the print.


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    Did the problem occur recently after upgrading firmware? Or recently changing fan shroud?

    There's 2 distinct errors - one is something like "temp sensor" and the other one "heater error". The "heater error" message means the nozzle did not heat up the desired amount in the desired number of seconds.

    The crazy thing is the feature was more likely to fail in 14.12.1. It had tighter limits then and has been loosened since then:


    14.10 RC6 oct 16, 2014 - feature introduced 20C in 20 Seconds
    14.12.1 dec 15, 2014 - from 20C to 10C (still in 20 seconds)
    15.01 RC8/9 jan 14, 2014 - from 20 secs to 30 secs (now 10C in 30 seconds)

    So as you can see version 15.01 is much looser. You might want to go back to 14.09.



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    Posted · Heater error

    I printed two or three models without any problems after upgrading the firmware, on the next model it happened twice. its the heater error. im using the new fan shroud for more days and did not had any problems. I dont know did the downgrading firmware helped me or turning down the fan speed because i did both at same time. on the 2-10 layer i lowered the fan to 60-70% and the model printed well. Im woried about the sensors and the heater and i would like to follow the new firmwares too. i will maybe try to renew the firmware again, as i saw there is 15.02 out... and then il check the situation.

    Can you tell me when you see on the picture is the heater/sensor enough in the block?



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    i don't see a picture...

    but if you are using a different fan shroud, like the venkel shroud, you should put the min fan at 40 percent and max fan at 65 percent in Cura. if you do it that way all will be well...



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    same deal, 40 percent minimum, 60 percent maximum.


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    Posted · Heater error

    Thanks, i did that. Seems it's working nice now.


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