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Bad quality print and rugged texture

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I have to print a project that requires multiple prints of the same file. I have been printing it but having really rugged finishes on the bottom few layers (with support).

Front printed up

This side printed down

This side printed down

This side printed down

Support view in cura


1) Is there a way to make changes of to where the support can be placed?

2) I used the angle (See cura picture) since I have limited time and material to finish the project and this is the most efficient angle I can print it at.

3) The settings I used were as follows

Bottom Layer speed: 20mm/sec

Bottom Layer Thickness: 0.6mm

Layer Height: 0.1mm

Shell Thickness: 0.8 0.8mm

Normal Speed: 50mm/sec

Temperature: PLA 210 C

The bed level is checked before each print.

Please let me know if any one has any suggestions on improving the quality of the print on the bottom layers where the net forms. The bottom layer nets are very clumsy compared to the front.




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This is a pretty damn difficult print, just so you know. Increasing the density of the support might help a bit but the bottom side will never look as good as the top side.

I like to compare it to painting. Imagine painting a piece of wood and then set it down on something like the metal grid of a bbq. Let the paint dry and then pull the painted piece off, what will the bottom surface look like? Using support while printing is basically the same thing.

If it was my own model I would probably create a lot of custom support and print it standing.


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Thank you. That makes sense.

I split the object to print and am trying to print it standing up.

Again, just want to make sure if there is anyway I can add custom supports in Cura? If not I might just have to do it through my modeling software.

Have you read any problems in printing after latest firmware 15.02.1 was updated recently?




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