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Feature request : TIMER to delay printing

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Is there somebody able to add this function in the UM2 software :

A simple TIMER to delay the printing of few hours like some washing-machines, to print peacefully during night after everybody left the office or sleep at home.

Script like :

select PRINT

select Gcode file

select NOW or TIMER

NOW: start printing

TIMER: set time by 30min steps up to 8hrs (with wheel button)

select PRINT when set


This is my dream to avoid Arduino and Octoprint

Thanks a lot !


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I don't know the answer but this is what I googled:


Maybe adding that pauses your printer for a specified time. I guess you would like to write a pluging that generates the dwell time in the start code so it waits. Make sure that the hotend does not heatup during the dwell time, you don't want to have a warm hotend for a long time.


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ok, another attempt: you could use a (mechanical) timer for powering (like the timers used to controll a lamp to switch it on/off on a certain time) the UM at a defined time and switch it of also on a defined time.

With a slight modification of your gcode name it should be possible to automatically start the print on power on but I can´t find the post describing this right now...

Anyone here remember the gcode config??


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found it !!

but in another forum: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?146,187253

[...] I think if it finds a file on the SD card called auto0.g it will run it automatically. Once it has done that it will look for auto1.g, etc. I have never tried it. [...]

So change the name of the file you´d like to start to auto0.g and power the UM, it should execute it...

Disclaimer :-) I have not tried this - so no guarantee...


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I was about to try this when I wanted to start the printer when I was already asleep. But then I finished all the parts in time so didn't look into it.

Dwell(G4) should works, either with multiple or just 1.

auto01.g should also work if you have a remote power switch :)

Both interesting, let us know!


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I replied in the french topic, but was not aware that you were using a UM2

So first thing:

Change GCode flavor from UltiGCode to reprap (machine settings in CURA)

This will add several things in CURA, temperature of the nozzle and bed settings are now in Cura.

This will also add a start.gcode and end.gcode which does the routine that is normally handled by the UM2.

You can probably simply try like that, the start.gcode might need some tweakings if you don't like it ;)


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Thanks I saw it in french side

Ok, I did that and renamed file in auto0.g but the printing begin directly without the purge phase of loss wire (what is the code to add this?)

there is no info on printer display, it looks less complete than UltiGcode start, and freak me out :)

Too bad UltiGcode can't do this or UM team do not implement this option in CURA or MARLIN !


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