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Replacing PTFE coupler

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Posted (edited) · Replacing PTFE coupler

Lol, thats great IF you have one or even know what a coupler was ;)as it happens I didn't and I didn't get a spare when i bought my Ultimaker last year but Sander sorted me out with one through Ultimaker recently. so i HAD to use this method, and I only realized it was the coupler after randomly seeing people talking about them failing on forums and slowly realizing i had been printing a lot of ABS earlier and non stop PLA and the reason for my issue with having jams after every print was in fact my dying coupler. I thought for a second i could print on it for ever without having to replace anything, lol. I guess 10 bucks each aint that bad every 6 months (or 10 ;)) or so.

i think you could change it faster. The only trouble is if you left it as late as i did, as it was practically fused to the metal thing holding it! took me 2-3 minutes just to rip it out!

All done and pretty easy and hassle free. So im happy now. But I would say to anyone who buys an Ultimaker that these things need replacing after X amount of hours at x temps, as i think many people who just start using it out of the box like me will just over look it and get puzzled as to why the filament keeps getting jammed when changing the filament and such after like 6 months of use or so. but all in all i wouldn't call 22 bucks a year a deal breaker due to the consumable aspect that some people have raised.

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