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Newbie.... sort of

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Posted · Newbie.... sort of

Hello everyone!

Got myself an Ultimaker 2 previously had a Wanhao Duplicator 4x

Been printing for some time now with the Ultimaker 2 going good but would like some advise to make it better.

Going to post some pictures up if i can of things I've printed and a few issues I've had if anyone could make some suggestions etc. Would be much appreciated

I haven't played around with the settings much so I've added pictures of my general settings in Cura

My layer height does vary between 0.1-0.2

Speeds i keep at 50

Initial layer thickness i changed to 0.2 because at 0.3 the support kept catching no idea why?

Using Infofil PLA white started most prints at 210deg now generally printing at 230 because of the initial layer skipping i get occasionally. If I've got that wrong please tell me? My glass plate has glue stick on it maybe that's causing it to be too close to the nozzle?

At the moment I'm printing the extrusion test and well... lets just say it didn't work any ideas whats going wrong?

I did metal gear Rex and 0 Infil and it did not close properly any ideas how to fix it? or is the gap just too big?





A few layers up

A few layers up


0 Infil Rex

Bowser mario poor



Rose and Stem


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