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UMO+ Build of Materials - HERE IT IS (unofficial version)

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Posted · UMO+ Build of Materials - HERE IT IS (unofficial version)


as many have mentioned there is no complete list of parts for the UMO+ kit this makes taking inventory before starting to build very difficult. Well wait no longer! I have made one for myself and am happy to share a completely homemade, unofficial, non-legally binding, use at you own risk version. :smile:

I am doing Build Event Workshops for schools and organization in my area and needed a quick way to inventory the kits when they come in to be sure I can get any missing parts PRIOR to the build event. I can't be running a work shop and have to keep running to the store to get missing parts.


This file is a sort-able list of all the parts needed for the UMO+ kit. I started with the old UMO BOM file form git hub and I've tried to update the part numbers where possible and include the number of parts needed from counting up the parts needed during assembly, the last column is the number of part that are printed on the bags.

I have added my own column called "bag #" and this is the best way to sort it while checking total parts list since these are how the parts are grouped while unpacking the box.

Link the BOM (unofficial version)


Link to hand scribble corrected UMO+ assembly manual v2.0 (Unofficial V2.2)



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Posted · UMO+ Build of Materials - HERE IT IS (unofficial version)

wow, it was FINALLY posted there! Looks like they put that up 7 days ago (same day I made this post?)

Glad that an official version has been published, people have been asking for that for quite a while.


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