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Sofar I have participated in three threads, and this already overwhelms the notifications area. When I return to the forum after a bit of printing (or any other activity ;)), I have individual notifications of new posts, likes, tags and quotes from every single thread. I would much rather have a single notification that "stuff" happens in that thread, with a link to the first new occurance (ie: link directly to the specific new answer, quote, like, or whatever, not to the OP).

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Do you mean like if you get 4 replies in one thread you only want 1 notification instead of 4?

Or do you want all the likes etc that are generated in the meantime being merged in that same notification too, or keep those separated?

Thank you!

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No, what I mean is that if someone likes my post, then replies to it by quoting me, I get three distinct notifications (and I don't even know what it means if I get "tagged" in a post, but that also happens). On my screen the default list of notifications has about 6 lines before it needs to scroll, so a single "action" can almost fill up the entire notification area.

What I suggest is that instead of three or four different notifications, I get one that says "Thread X has new activity: 4 comments, 1 quote, 16 likes" (possibly with icons instead of the comments, quote and like terms). This way the notification area become more of a (much needed) navigation tool for updates that are relevant to me.

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